How To Optimise Drinking Water With A Home Water Dispenser

Water dispensers should be used to store drinking water after it has been filtered.

Then you begin the process of making your water more bioavailable at a cellular level, which means you will look and feel more hydrated. When it comes to good sleep, digestion, elimination, energy, mental clarity etc etc staying hydrated is everything for your body.

Many people filter water at home or buy filtered water because the quality of water from many local mains water supplies is questionable.

For a start the taste and smell of mains water can be enough to turn anyone off drinking it. But this water has often been found to be contaminated with dangerous impurities such as cadmium, lead, chemicals, plastic, human and animal waste, micro organisms just to name a few. Hence the rapid uptake of bottled water  over the past few decades. Bottled water is (mostly) filtered and/or demineralised too using RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter systems.

But here’s the problem.

“It has been adequately demonstrated that consuming water of low mineral content has a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms, compromising the mineral and water metabolism in the body. ” World Health Organisation Publication

This linked article it is an interesting read citing clinical evidence as to why drinking filtered and demineralised over an extended period of time will ultimately be bad for your health.

The reason being is that the filtration process not only take out some of the contaminants, filtration also takes out all the minerals and trace elements too. Our bodies need these minerals and electrolytes because every metabolic processes that happens in the body requires these minerals to function; they are the building blocks of our body!

Important to note is demineralised water being stripped of it’s mineral content will dissolve and take minerals from your body – that is the nature of water, is it is The Universal Solvent.

Until recent times we could assimilate these minerals and trace elements from drinking spring water and clean water from creeks and rivers.

While filtering water is often an essential step for clean, safe water it is simply the first step you can take to improve water quality. Now you need to make this filtered water more more efficient to hydrate your cells. It is worth noting that generally people do not feel their thirst is quenched from drinking filtered water; the mouth still feels dry and the tongue may feel slightly raw. Have you ever noticed the taste of filtered water has a sharp or hard edge to it? It is not ‘soft’ and can taste almost metallic.

When your thirst is quenched and your mouth feels wet and the tongue is soft, that’s how you know you’re hydrated! Sounds simple right? But ask around and you will be surprised at how many people don’t feel hydrated even after drinking plenty of water!

It is little wonder that most people are not fully hydrated if the taste of water  is not refreshing and enjoyable!

Fortunately water is very forgiving and is easily restored to the quality of water that will hydrate your body.

Here’s how to make water taste better and quench your thirst AND replace the essential lost minerals!

The first step is to place your filtered water in a water compatible dispenser – better it’s not plastic, hey 😉

The ideal environment for your water is where water molecules are free to circulate, rather than stagnate. Water actually stagnates in a cylinder because water will not circulate where there are corners. Disease breeds in stagnate water! If you are into water think about getting an egg shaped water dispenser.

Free circulation happens in the dynamic environment of an egg shaped water dispenser – there are no corners! If the water in a ovoid water storage vessel is free from toxins and water is not exposed to anything which will contaminate the water, it will remain fresh and bacteria free indefinitely in this environment.

The next step is to add Sea Salt to taste! – nothing radical, just enough to soften the taste of water and make it more palatable. It will change both the taste and feel of the water. Guaranteed, if you have been drinking demineralised filtered water it will be a pleasant surprise at how much better your water can taste by adding a little bit of sea salt and, how much more you feel hydrated.

As a guide on how much sea salt to use add a flat to slightly rounded teaspoon of sea salt to 20 Litres / 5 Gallon of water. But first dissolve the sea salt in a glass of water.Stir until dissolved then add the glass of water with dissolved sea salt to the water dispenser. This is just a guide; if your body os mineral deficient you may feel to add a little more. Over time you will need somewhat less as your body hydrates and the mineral content comes up. This recommendation is not suggesting adding sea salt to your water is going to meet all your body’s mineral requirements. You know the deal, check with your health professional to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need etc for a health life.

Adding Sea Salt to demineralised water is one significant step you can do to make your drinking water more bio-available aka – a more effective liquid to hydrate your cells.

It is an interesting fact that Sea Water contains virtually the same minerals, trace elements and sodium content identified in our blood but in different proportions.

Appreciating this fact, French Doctor Rene Quinton’s devised protocols in the early 1900’s using dilute ocean water intravenously as a substitute for a blood plasma. Rich in minerals the ‘ocean plasma’ helped him to successfully treat 1000’s of people, many of who had mineral deficiencies.

This is why it is so important to add the minerals that are available in Sea Salt to your drinking water.

Dr René Quinton constructed his Law of Marine Constancy which says,“Animal life, that had originally appeared in cellular form in the seas, tends to maintain, for its best cellular functioning throughout the zoological species, its fundamental cells in a marine environment similar to its origin”.

Water quality is everything for good health. Be curious because You are a marine environment!

An egg shaped water dispenser becomes home to drinking water to activate and energise it for better hydration. Water truly needs to be stored mindfully to attain and maintain the desired quality of water needed to hydrate your body at all levels; it is important to learn about.

As a unique, integrated water dispenser WATER EGGS™ are designed with the nature of water in mind.

Handmade water dispensers for your home, business and lifestyle choices.

PS: Adding a little lime or lemon juice to a glass or bottle of water will also help hydrate you!

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