Tamara Jal

The Purification Of Water In Copper


The practice of storing water in copper vessels is ancient.

In the Hindu and Ayurvedic traditions, the Tamara Jal has supported the immune systems of countless millions and as a traditional way to prevent water borne disease.

In Hindu, Tamara means copper and Jala is water. The Tamara Jal was adopted by Ayurvedic medicine that even today continues to recommend starting your day with water from the Tamara Jal.

Copper has amazing antimicrobial properties, and storing water overnight cleanses your water from bacteria and viruses.

Drinking water from a pure copper Tamara Jal also supplements your essential mineral intake of copper as copper ions (microparticles) transfer to the water. Copper is required for a healthy immune system and a co-factor in many metabolic processes. The amount of copper tranferred to water is within the guidelines of numerous health authorities, including WHO and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

How do we know this? We’ve done the tests.

Ayurveda medicine has a philosophy that peace of mind and good health are the real pleasures and charm of life.

In these times, peace of mind and good health are indeed are real treasures to protect.

The Tamara Jal is just another way to support your body with water that nurtures.

Copper Tamara Jal by Water Eggs

In Ayurvedic medicine, the practice of taking water early in the morning is known as Ushapana and the traditional doctors (Ramavtar. et. al., 2018) recommend making it your habit to drink water that was stored overnight in a copper bottle first thing in the morning. Now we understand why!

While the many health benefits of drinking water from copper claimed in Ayurveda texts are not confirmed or rigorously researched by modern scientists, the fact is copper’s antimicrobial properties are confirmed. Copper has been fundamental as a way to purify water to provide healthy drinking water to people for eons. 

Now the ancient practice of using copper vessels to purify drinking water has been revived and is a sustainable and lasting solution to provide safe drinking water for everyone interested in having safe drinking water. (Grass, et. al., 2011). 

Copper Tamara Jal by Water Eggs
Gold Tamara Jal
Silver Tamara Jal
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