Feng Shui & Water Chi

Feng Shui is a philosophy and art form the roots of which are found in Tao philosophy going back thousands of years.

Feng Shui studies how the environment influences people and how we can use the placement of objects, colors, geometry, and natures’ five elements to impart a sense of well being and harmony in our lives and living and work environments. Harmonious living reflects in our physical, mental, emotional health, relationships, and naturally, the benefits extend to our success in our work or study, and opportunities in wealth creation too. 

Recognized as an authentic study of “Chi” – the energy of life itself, Feng Shui seeks to understand how this energy moves in our lives and to create positive influences on our emotions, well-being and performance in work and study. One of the principles of Feng Shui determines that the inclusion and deliberate placement of specific elements and objects in our environment can influence in positive or negative ways the flow of Chi in our lives. As an example, it is not recommended to place water fountains or images of water in bedrooms because water can cool the fire of marital passion. By contrast, a bedroom with square dimensions promotes stability in the relationship and rich warm colors can support love and passion. It is estimated more than 200 million people around the world apply the principals of Feng Shui to create better outcomes in health and prosperity. 

Water Chi By Water Eggs

The egg shape is the perfect home to store water in because water molecules can move inside this shape. Moving water is healthy water; it heals itself and transforms to become the elixir to support life.

The Water Element in Taoist Philosophy 

The Tao acknowledges water is the quintessential life-giving element upon which all living beings depend. According to Feng Shui, water is primarily feminine energy referred to as Yin. It is feminine energy because of its extraordinary power to nourish, cleanse, cure, refresh, transform, grow, its receptive qualities, and of course, all life comes from water. Although, when water flows aggressively like the crashing of ocean waves it exhibits a more Yang (masculine) energy. According to Feng Shui, there are always aspects of both Yin and Yang in everything. 

Feng Shui, Water And Prosperity

 In the practice of Feng Shui, it is essential to include the water element in your living environment to invite prosperity into your life. These elements must be balanced with the other elements that follow the Feng Shui tradition and there is no limit to the scale in which it is applied.

During the construction of the Forbidden City of China, a man-made river was constructed to enhance the water element rather than relying only on what was presenting in the natural landscape. This river was designed to gently flow and meander towards the city to foster longevity, good fortune and prosperity for the Emperors and inhabitants of the Forbidden City. A river flowing away from the city represents the energy of money and wealth moving away from the city.

Enhancing Health And Well Being With The Water Element 

Water features in Feng Shui require the water must be moving. When water is moving it comes alive and life is abundance. Moving water regenerates, heals and transforms to become the very essence from which all life comes. 

Stagnant water is the opposite as it is the breeding ground of disease and death. After all, if it’s not moving it is either dead or dying. 

It is the sound of a bubbling brook or fountain that can be music to our ears and a balm to our soul. Gently flowing water can nurture a sense of peace and harmony. Moving water is transformative, nurturing and replenishing and this is the nature of water inside the Water Egg and why it is relevant to Feng Shui. 

The egg shape enables water molecules to move continuously to foster the life force, this is the Chi of the water. Living water is Chi in motion and is one of the principles to creating balance and harmony in your life including the integration of the Five Elements to support health and well being, the foundations for prosperity and success.

After all, what is wealth without health?


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