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The Holistic Water Solution

Our ancestors knew how to store water, to keep it fresh, disease free, nutritious and hydrating.

This is the water you need!

Today doctors and health professionals say 75% – 85% of people are chronically dehydrated.

The root cause of many health conditions is dehydration.

Simply by staying hydrated you could prevent symptom developing, or reverse symptoms brought on be being dehydrated. 

The problem is not about how much water you drink, it is about water quality!

These days most people are not getting the nutritional value needed from their water for optimal health.

Fortunately, with a few simple steps your water can be restored to be the carrier of life it was designed to be.

Home Water Dispenser

Water quality is more than being clear, odorless and disease-free as is most of the filtered water people drink these days.

Water quality is the degree that water hydrates your body and the nutritional content the water carries into your body in the form of dissolved essential minerals, trace elements and electrolytes.

You will never be at your optimum level of health and well being unless you are fully hydrated.

A Major Problem Is Water Filtration!

It’s a double edged sword! We need water treatment services to remove unwanted contaminants from our drinking water, but at the same time this process removes the valuable dissolved minerals that are the building blocks of our body’s.

To hydrate your body, water must have a mineral content that includes electrolytes. Read more…

Other factors that lead to chronic dehydration are:

  • aversion drinking water because of the smell or taste of water from chemical treatment e.g. chlorine or other contaminants
  • diuretics inhibiting hydration such as medications, weight loss pills, supplements and coffee
  • regular or immoderate consumption of alcohol
  • stress

Your immune system is being challenged like never before!

To experience optimal health you must address the cause of dehydration and remineralise your drinking water.

Signs of Dehydration

Rehydrate Now!

Add a pinch of Sea Salt, or Himalayan Rock Salt, to a glass of water, stir and dissolve; it’s that easy.

* Your water should never taste salty.
* Use natural unrefined salt – NOT refined table salt it does not have the mineral content you need.

Natural salt is loaded with up to 80 essential minerals and trace elements that are the building blocks your body needs.

These salts can also provide you the electrolytes your body needs to communicate at a cellular level.

If you are dehydrated you can start feeling better quickly.

Your water will taste softer, be more thirst-quenching, and taste better.

Read more about the extraordinary health benefits of mineralising your drinking water.

My blue water dispenser

Why Egg Shaped Copper Water Dispensers?

In the past, our ancestors followed the ancient tradition of storing water in terracotta egg-shaped vessels.

The shape and the material kept water cool and water molecules inside circulating continuously, which stopped water becoming stagnant and therefore becoming a potential haven for disease.

Our ancestors also made water storage vessels from copper because they recognized copper’s amazing capacity to purify water.

Today the benefits of drinking water from copper vessels are better understood. It’s scientifically proven copper sanitizes water from bacteria, viruses and pathogens that cause death and disease. Read more…

We also understand copper’s role as an essential mineral that plays a key role in supporting a strong immune system and fighting infection.

In poorer regions in the middle east and India where people do not have access to safe drinking water, copper vessels continue to be a valuable commodity that is a reliable, affordable and lasting way to sanitize water from bacteria, viruses and pathogens to counter waterborne disease.

Antique copper pot Rajistan India
Rajasthan India, this ancient water pot has
been in the family for hundreds of years.

Every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water-related diseases, making contaminated water the leading cause of death and disease on the planet.
The World Health Organization

Lab Testing Copper’s Benefits
The Water Eggs company has worked closely with a water testing laboratory to monitor the efficiency of our copper water vessel’s to neutralizing bacteria, alkalize water, and add a nutritional content in the form of copper ions.

All results were positive.
Read more about our test results.

Bioavailable copper ions transferred to the water and represented on average 25% of an adult’s recommended daily allowance of copper.

Copper is an essential mineral required to maintain and strengthen your immune system.
Read more about Copper’s role in strengthening your immune system.

Copper water dispenser by Water Eggs

Copper Water Dispenser Specifications:

  • Material: 99% Copper
  • External Finish: Copper or glass enamel
  • Glass enamel colours: Blue, white or silver
  • Internal Finish: Copper
  • Capacity: 23 litre / 5 Gal
  • Total Height: 500 mm / 20″
  • Maintenance-free release valve
  • Flow: variable flow rate
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-viral
  • Alkalizing
Old Design Born Again by Water Eggs

Pouring Water From The Dispenser
Press the button located top and centre on the dispenser lid, this opens the valve concealed inside the dispenser.

Adjustable Flow Rate
The flow rate is adjustable depending on how far the release button is pressed.

Filling The Water Dispenser
It’s always best to use filtered water unless you have access to spring water and know the water quality.

Cleaning The Inside Of The Water Dispenser
Copper ensures a clean environment inside the water dispenser. Because copper is antibacterial, anti-viral and inhibits the growth of algae and other biofilms, it provides a more hygienic water storage environment than plastic, glass, terracotta, stoneware and ceramic dispensers that typically accumulate algae on the inside surface.

Water Dispenser Lid byh Water Eggs

Your water eggs are amazing! I was using a glass dispenser and it’s a headache to clean it almost every day. Copper is a great solution!
Viktor R – Dubai UAE

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