Copper Water Bottles

Copper For Health & Hygiene

Simple, elegant design, everlasting health benefits. 

Volume: 1.1 litre. (37 Fl Oz)

Copper is the premium metal for water storage.

Copper has proven antibacterial and antiviral properties and is a natural disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses on contact.

Copper is also known to alkalsie water and prevent algae growing on its surface.

This means your water will always be safe to drink.

Copper Water Bottles By Water Eggs

Reflections On Water
I choose to listen to my body.
My body is almost 75% water, but for so many years I didn’t even notice the sensation of thirst. Somehow I had forgotten water IS the elixir of life. Now I listen to my body and have created a sacred ritual around hydrating my body. The water from my copper bottle tastes softer, cleaner and more nourishing than water from plastic. Each time I drink from my bottle, the elegance and simplicity of its design remind me that I choose to see life as art, from moment to moment, and give thanks to this gift of life, water!


Nia Instructor

Reflections On Water

Do you Get Copper By Drinking Water From A Copper Water Bottle?

The test results below show how much copper was transferred from a NEW Water Egg copper bottle to the water within and found to safely supplement the recommended daily allowance of copper.

The results also show that the water became more alkalised.

Silver Water Bottle

Cleaning Your Copper Water Bottle

Copper can be polished to a brilliant shine, or left to age gracefully.

To bring on a shine apply lemon juice or vinegar and salt. You can also use other polishing compounds such as metal polish, car polish, or simply 1200 – 2000 grit sand paper and water. Each polishing agent promises a different effect on the copper.

If left to it’s own devices, over time the copper surface ages and takes on an antique quality unique to every copper water bottle, but it will never rust.

Unless sealed with wax or lacquer the copper will continue to change colour. It is an exciting metal to work with because it is so reactionary to the environment, influenced by everything it comes in contact with, moisture, air, body salts, and oils.

The colour can be sealed with wax or lacquer to stop further change.

These beautiful water bottles are a handcrafted treasure that lasts forever, something to be valued and pass on.

Antique copper bottle
Gold water bottle by Water Eggs

THE SHOWCASE – These copper water bottles have been sold

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