About The Water Eggs Company

Making Water Vital

From the heart, Water Egg’s intention is to support you and your family in good health with drinking water that nurtures.

We appreciate the fact everything we experienced is only possible because of water and self-evident because of our absolute dependence on the element that is the key to life.

Drinking water that hydrates and detoxes is quintessential and is the ultimate anti-aging elixir that deters the onset of chronic disease.

Drinking highly filtered, demineralised water dead water does not.

In 2010 my career direction in water supply, storage and water treatment services shifted to focus on designing egg shaped water dispensers specifically for drinking water enhancement.

My motivation to find better drinking water storage solutions was sparked by a nationwide drought in Australia that caused huge demand for plastic rainwater tanks.

With my family in mind, I had learnt plastic contaminates water with endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that accumulate in our body. The idea of storing my family’s drinking water in plastic wasn’t a solution.

It really got me thinking about drinking water quality.

By having a career in sanitary water supply services, I was conversant with industry standards for the supply of potable (drinking) water, but water supply standards only refer to the minimum quality of water.

Legislated standards mandated by Water  Authorities for drinking water do not define what high quality drinking water is that includes a beneficial nutritional value.

I was inspired to design water vessels that improved water quality with integrated health benefits, and by adopting as the template the ultimate symbol of life, the form of an egg; functional art serving as a statement all life comes from water, and life begins as an egg.

About Water Eggs
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