About Water Eggs™

Not all water is good for your body, but you can make your water great!

Fresh, nutritious living water is our drinking water of choice.

If you’re already selective about the type of water you drink, or just curious about how to make water more nutritious for your body, then we’re on the same page.

We take ordinary water and then do what we can to make it more bioavailable, more thirst-quenching, palatable and nutritious, and generally more life-giving. 

We designed Water Eggs as an ideal environment to store your drinking water inwhere it is away from plastic, microbes, pathogens and other non-compatible materials, and other contaminants

And what is the best water we can create for our body’s? That is the question that inspires and motivates us.

Water Eggs can tell you what great drinking water is aka living water, and the positive effects living water has on your body, it’s what we’re into.

We’re constantly looking at new ways to make water more sustaining, nutritional, and hydrating for better health and well being. If we think we’re onto something that will benefit your health we will consult with scientists and do water testing to verify.

We are here to give you credible information and the way to create the elixir of life that is the living water your body needs to thrive, support your immune system, and ultimately slow aging.

Once you know what great water is, it’s hard to go back!

You’ve asked the questions, “What is the best water for my body?” and, “How can I make drinking water to support my health and well being even better?”

We have asked the same questions too, and want to know more.

While Water Eggs began as an idea for making safe water storage of drinking water starting with using nontoxic materials which added health benefits, such as antibacterial copper, which also alkalizes the water. These are just 2 water enhancement features that help make your water the best drinking water for your body.

Our purpose is to measurably and consistently contribute to your health, well being, and vitality through the water you drink. It is important to note the level to which you are hydrated reflects the quality of health and well being you experience.

Copper Water Dispenser Prototype 2017

On a Personal Note

Since 1987 my career has specialized in Water Supply and Water Treatment services.

Water Eggs started in 2009. Having already been involved in water treatment and water supply for 22 years at that time it seemed to be a natural step to progress to integrated water storage designs, which included water tanks, water dispensers, and water bottles.

The inspiration was another drought occurring in Australia, my home country. The drought forced many people in rural areas to buy more rainwater tanks to increase their water storage capacity. But peoples’ choices were mostly limited to buying plastic rainwater tanks.

The problems with plastic rainwater tanks are the harmful chemicals that transfer from the plastic into drinking water. Extensive scientific studies identify some of these chemicals as endocrine disruptors and carcinogens! The other problem is plastic is not a durable product made to last and the last thing we need is more plastic waste.

 Conrete Rainwater Tank Near Completion

This drought and the limited choices people had when it came to choosing a rainwater tank which would store your families drinking in, was the inspiration to create alternatives to plastic water storage systems that were made to last, keep water fresh and while we’re at it, find creative ways to enliven your drinking water as part of an integrated water storage system.

For me, the practical aspects of water storage design are just as important as the aesthetic value because then design becomes experiential, engaging, and enticing.

The archetypal form of the Egg has the power to speak to the soul as the gentle reminder all life comes from water and life begins as an egg.

Science and art merge and become functional art.

The egg shape is still my favorite blank canvas.

James McLaughlan
Water Eggs Co. Ltd.

Copper water dispenser by Water Eggs
3000 Litre Rainwater Tank
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