Water Dispensers For Life

Water For Your Health And Immune System

Most people will never drink water that deeply hydrates their body to support their health and immune system.

The problem is highly filtered water from plastic bottles and chemically treated town water is stripped of everything that supports life. This type of water has no nutritional value, compromises your immune system and is a shortcut to chronic disease.
WHO says this

The good news is you can restore your drinking water to once again be the carrier of health and nutrition your body needs.

This is what we are dedicated to.

Copper water dispenser by Water Eggs

The only way to experience optimal health is to be fully hydrated. Therefore good water is always the number one priority.

Water Defines Life and Death

One of the defining characteristics of high-quality drinking water that supports life is the water molecules are moving because they carry more oxygen. The opposite is true for stagnant water that has less dissolved oxygen and is why stagnant water is home to disease.

Also, your drinking water must have electrolytes to facilitate communication at a cellular level, and the required minerals to give water nutritional content to support your health and immune system.

One of these minerals is copper. Copper has remarkable antimicrobial properties and ability to support your immune system and is why our products are made from pure copper.

Trust your body, listen to it. Your body instinctively knows what good water is that supports your health and immune system, and you will taste the difference.

Make your drinking water great, once you start you can’t go back!

Blue water dispenser by Water Eggs

We absolutely love our copper water dispenser, and our resort can’t wait to get another! We know our guests are getting the best quality water possible, and it tastes amazing!
Joni Aker, General Manager, Treeline Urban Resort

Copper Water Dispensers

It is gorgeous! I’m so happy with the final product. Thanks so much for your perseverence and dedidcation to this beautiful work.
Robert S. – New York


The water tastes fresh like a jungle rain shower!
Sara Maria V. Germany


Water For Your Health


Life’s Canvas

Water is an active matrix of life for cells. To sustain its energy, water needs vortex motion. To maintain vortex motion and protect the life structure, nature selected the ovoid shape. The egg shape is based on the golden ratio, which appears clearly and regularly in all living organisms, e.g. pine cones, seashells, snails and our galaxy.

Within an egg-shaped environment, a spiraling, cyclical and vitalizing water movement is induced due to the differences in the water’s temperature. An evaporative cooling of the outer walls and the adjacent water occurs. Cooler and denser water at the outer edges is heavier and sinks to the bottom, forcing lighter and warmer water to rise towards the center. A process of constant circulation and cooling of water keeps it fresh, alive and healthy and discourages the bacterial growth. In contrast, thermal layering, with warmer water on top, is maintained in a cylinder, and absence of water circulation may favour the growth of microbes.

Maryia Khomich
Erasmus Mundus MSc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
PhD Aquatic Biodiversity




copper water dispensers for health and beauty
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Water Dispensers for health and beauty
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