Luxury Water Dispensers and Water Bottles

White water dispenser by Water Eggs
Blue water dispenser by Water Eggs
Luxury Water Dispenser by Water Eggs
Copper water dispenser by Water Eggs

The water tastes fresh like a jungle rain shower!
Sara Maria V. Germany

copper water dispensers for health and beauty
Anjali By Syphon Hotel
Embracing health, aesthetics and environment.
Featured water dispenser 2019
Water Dispensers for health and beauty
Treeline Urban Resort Hotel
Envisions the future with art and luxury design.
Featured water dispenser 2018

We absolutely love our copper water dispenser, and our resort can't wait to get another! We know our guests are getting the best quality water possible, and it tastes amazing!
Joni Aker, General Manager, Treeline Urban Resort

It is gorgeous! I’m so happy with the final product. Thanks so much for your perseverance and dedication to this beautiful work.
Robert S. – New York

Thanks so much! I just received my package and am delighted.
Both the Water Egg dispenser and the water bottle are beautiful, I couldn't be happier and so worth it :-D
And that ingenious tap, very clever ;-)  Ange C. Melbourne

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